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"One of the paradigmatic images of creation
is the island that suddenly manifests itself
in the midst of the waves.

Mircea Eliade, The Sacred and the Profane

sland Hills Books
is an online publishing house, distribution center,
and showcase for literature that focuses on the spirit of place.

The name Island Hills is a translation of the Lakota (Sioux) phrase
Wita Paha, referring to the Black Hills of South Dakota
in the middle of the North American continent.

Also known as "the Heart of Everything That Is,"
they form an axis mundi, or Center of the World--
merely one out of countless pivotal sites around the globe
native peoples have relished and worshipped
for thousands of years.

The Island Hills continue to provide
sanctuary and visions, plenitude and songs for all.

Books, of course, are described, reviewed, and peddled at Island Hills Books. (At present only Gary David's books are offered, but I hope this will eventually change.)

Many readers may first want to sample the distinctive writers in the Works section. Conceptualized as archival rather than ephemeral, this Online Chapbook series seeks to redress both the scatter-shot approach of many lit-mags and the trendiness of blogs, or, as someone has quipped, "autoblography"-- what has essentially become the cyber-version of "the private-soul-at-any-public-wall." (Charles Olson)

A slowly growing number of poem-sequences, excerpts of long poems and novels, essays, and short fictions are available here for your perusal. Please email me with any corrections or suggestions.

offers land-based poetry and prose
originating from a diapason of sacred spaces and landscapes.
In doing so, it encourages writers to drink deeply
from the universal wellspring of inspiration
each unique place engenders.

The Greeks called her either Demeter or Gaia (Earth Mother),
the Lakota call her Maka (Grandmother Earth),
and the Hopi call her K˛okyangwso'w¨uti (Old Spider Woman).
By whatever name, as she continues to suffer
one oecological catastrophe after another,
may her deep wisdom lead us forward
into peaceful realms of life-breath
where divinity and consanguinity converge.

Sorry, but unsolicited manuscripts are not currently being accepted.

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