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Island Hills Online Chapbook Series 

Chapbook # 1:
Tierra Zona  (series of poems)
by Gary David

Chapbook # 2:
The Tragic, Sacred Ground
by Erling Duus

Chapbook # 3
Who Owns the Black Hills?  (essay)
by Adrian M. Forrette

Chapbook # 4
My Uncle's Watch  (essay)
by R C Wilson

Chapbook # 5
: hohokam  (fiction)

by margareta waterman

Chapbook # 6: Elvis, Immortality and Other Poems  (series of poems)

by Jim Cody

Chapbook # 7: Exile In My Home Land  (long poem)
by Dale Jacobson

Chapbook # 8: Layers of Painted Earth  (excerpt from a novel)
by Dawn Senior

Chapbook # 9: Northern Appalachian: Old Souls and Wolf Tracks 
(series of poems)
by Judy Platz
Chapbook # 10: Ohio Brush Creek (essay)
by Joe Napora

Chapbook # 11: Of Time and Small Islands  (A Canarian Sequence)
by Walter Nash

Chapbook # 12: Where Is America Going!
The Columbine Body Count
 (essay with photos)

Dick Bakken

Chapbook # 13: The Interior (series of poems)
by David Chorlton

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