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Dale Jacobson's mostly recently published books of poetry include Factories and Cities: A Poem In Two Parts (2003), A Walk By the River: A Long Poem (2004), and Exile in My Homeland (2005). He has published poems and criticism in a various journals.

He was a close personal friend of Thomas McGrath, for whom he wrote an elegiac poem entitled Blues for Tom McGrath. He has provided the definitive edition of McGrath’s long poem, Letter to an Imaginary Friend and has written extensively on McGrath’s work. The British historican E.P. Thompson cited Dale Jacobson’s review of Letter to an Imaginary Friend, parts three and four, as one of “the most helpful guides as yet known to me.”

Dale with Tom McGrath, 1989

Dale lives in his native land of Minnesota. His address is 912  9th Avenue S.E., East Grand Forks, MN 56721.

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