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author over 25 published books, publisher for many colleagues, producer of poetry videos and countless evenings of abstract theatre, poemsayer margareta waterman, always innovative, has been an influential participant in the poetry scene in seattle since 1987, and most of the rest of the country since 1994. she has never left an audience unmoved.

biographical summary

performed and published throughout the us and in canada: live, in a great variety of venues; recorded in books, magazines, radio, television. toured the us, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998. literary home: seattle.

variously organized, judged, moderated, mc'd, reviewed, edited, composed, for RED SKY POETRY THEATRE, BUMBERSHOOT, The Seattle Small Press Poetry Review, the ALTERNATIVE TO LOUD BOATS, Raven Chronicles, The Temple, and other literary endeavors.
founded the poet's collective NINE MUSES BOOKS, poetry showcase small press known for the high visual aesthetic of its books as well as the quality of poetry. created workshops and seminars on small press publishing for festivals, bookshops, schools, etc. featured in The Temple (spring 1999) and in Publishing Lives (Jerome Gold, Black Heron Press).

produced the innovative manifest arts poetry video series, and many evenings of abstract theatre, mixed-media events and poetry readings. created 4' by 14' mural of visual poetry: 3rd annual globe mural, globe poetry café, seattle, 1997.

published books include: the seed of osiris, 1987; eleusinian theatre, 1988; red sky sketches, 1988; moon riding backwards, 1989; lady orpheus (title poem/chapbook), 1990; cracked crystal, 1991; egyptian night, 1991; walkin' occam's razor, 1991; lady orpheus, 1993; astarte calling clytemnestra, 1994; some south american colors, 1995; five songs from the primordial alphabet, 1996; cloud coop songs, 1997; tara's consort (a fiction chapbook), 1997; the mother of the world, 1999; hohokam (a fiction chapbook) and loose ends, 2000; dolores, 2001 (a fiction chapbook); the lion throne: an oratorio for voices, sounds, light, 2002; pending visions, 2003; now and other times, 2003.

her most recent book is titled iteration: poems 1974-2004.

i am not a poet because i write poetry
i am a poet because
is grist for the mill
that grinds me into illumination
so that only words are left

whether i like it or not

issues, themes, subject matter

freedom of choice ‹ anti-fascism
relevance of subjectivity, the personal
tantric metaphysics ‹ that the world is an act of ecstasy
spirit and matter are not separable ‹ field theory
history and initiation ‹ that events have a value measured by the growth potential in them

contact margareta at nine muses books, 3541 kent creek road, winston, oregon 97496
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